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23 Leading Trans And Non-Binary Actors Who Deserve More Airtime

Cast every single one of these people for everything.

1. MJ Rodriguez

mjrodriguez7 / Via

Seen in: Pose

Fun fact: She started out in the ballroom scene when she was just 14 years old.

2. Lachlan Watson

lachrwatson / Via

Seen in: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Fun fact: They told MTV that discovering the work of Jacob Tobias, a writer and genderqueer activist, was a "turning point" in their self-discovery.

3. Elliot Fletcher

Twitter: @elliotfgf

Seen in: The Fosters and Shameless

Fun fact: The first trans person he saw in film was Angel from Rent, and he fell in love with her — so much so that he got her name tattooed on his leg.

4. Ser Anzoategui

ser_anzoategui / Via

Seen in: Vida and East Los High

Fun fact: John Leguizamo's Freak HBO special inspired them to go into theatre and write their first solo show.

5. Brian Michael Smith

the_brianmichael / Via

Seen in: Queen Sugar and After

Fun fact: During a break from acting, he spent several years teaching drama and filmmaking to teens.

6. Asia Kate Dillon

asiakatedillon / Via

Seen in: Orange Is the New Black, John Wick: Chapter 3, and Billions

Fun fact: They are named after the English prog rock band, Asia.

7. Angelica Ross

8. Ian Harvie

ianharvie / Via

Seen in: Transparent and Will & Grace

Fun fact: He is also a comedian and opened for Margaret Cho for three years early on in his career.

9. Trace Lysette

tracelysette / Via

Seen in: Transparent and Drunk History

Fun fact: Laverne Cox took her to an LGBTQ acting class in New York named Act Out led by Brad Calcaterra, in which she was "finally able talk about being trans in [her] work.

10. Ian Alexander

ianaiexander / Via

Seen in: The OA

Fun fact: Ian heard his mom use his correct name and pronouns for the first time on The OA set. It was a pivotal moment.

11. Indya Moore

indyamoore / Via

Seen in: Pose

Fun fact: They appeared in Katy Perry's SNL performance of "Swish Swish" in 2017.

12. Amiyah Scott

kingamiyahscott / Via

Seen in: Star

Fun fact: Before the fame, she wrote a letter to RuPaul telling him about her dreams, struggles, and the inspiration she drew from him. She later met Ru in 2006.

13. Ivory Aquino

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Seen in: When We Rise and When They See Us

Fun fact: She moved from the Philippines to the United States to study music at the Berklee College of Music.

14. Mya Taylor

missmyataylor / Via

Seen in: Tangerine and Dietland

Fun fact: She was scouted for Tangerine in the yard of the Los Angeles LGBT Center while having a conversation with her friends. The film's director said, "She had this aura about her."

15. Daniela Vega

dani.vega.h / Via

Seen in: A Fantastic Woman

Fun fact: She was initially brought onto A Fantastic Woman as a cultural consultant, but parts of her personal story aligned with that of the main character's, so the director gave her the role.

16. Eve Lindley

17. Dominique Jackson

http://dominiquet.a.r.jackson / Via

Seen in: Pose and Strut

Fun fact: Aside from acting, she has been modeling for over 20 years and has appeared in Vogue España.

18. Alexandra Billings

therealalexandrabillings / Via

Seen in: Transparent, Goliath, and Romy and Michele: In the Beginning.

Fun fact: She is currently an Assistant Professor of Acting at the University of Southern California.

19. Jamie Clayton

msjamieclayton / Via

Seen in: Sense8 and Designated Survivor

Fun fact: In 2010, she appeared as a makeup artist and host alongside Laverne Cox on the VH1 reality show Transform Me.

20. Laverne Cox

lavernecox / Via

Seen in: Orange Is the New Black and Doubt

Fun fact: She has a twin brother named M. Lamar who is a composer, pianist, and video and installation artist.

21. Rain Valdez

rainvaldez / Via

Seen in: Lopez, Transparent, and Razor Tongue

Fun fact: She starred in and co-created an award-winning short rom-com named Ryans.

22. Alexandra Grey

alexandragreyofficial / Via

Seen in: Jess Like Me, Chicago Med, and Transparent

Fun fact: Aside from acting, she's also a singer. She even opened for Zara Larsson in 2016.

23. Alex Blue Davis

alexbluedavis / Via Instagram: @

Seen in: Grey's Anatomy

Fun fact: He had only seen a few episodes of Grey's prior to booking the role of Casey and began binging it soon after landing the role.

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