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    21 Times Old People Were Too Precious For This World

    "Is bukkake a restaurant?"

    1. This grandma who realizes the importance of a snap selfie:

    2. This unknowing John Cena stan:

    3. This love story for the ages:

    4. This grandma who can take a compliment but isn't interested:

    5. This new graduate:

    6. This grandma who's taking her very first selfie:

    7. This couple and their treasured duck-shaped tomato:

    CNN / jponic / Via
    CNN / jponic / Via

    8. This grandma who's got an interesting occupation:

    9. This grandma who just wants to fit in:

    VJOnyx / Via

    10. This man who just wants to let it all out:

    EVPerson123 / Via

    11. This revolutionary inventor:

    12. This curious grandma:

    13. This grandpa and his new four-legged bud:

    14. This grandma who's giving a bird some newfound freedom:

    reallyitsemily / Via

    15. This proud grandpa:

    16. This man who's got his best boy's matter what:

    17. This incredibly supportive grandma:

    18. This grandma who isn't about to let you spoil her fun:

    Twitter: @__whitechyna

    "What do you mean hoe? Look, how precious."

    19. This birthday girl who's celebrating the right way:

    20. This grandma who simply wants to travel:

    21. And finally, this couple who just might make you cry:

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