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    15 Posts That'll Reignite Your Fear Of Finding Something In The Toilet

    If you're on the toilet as you read this, good luck.

    1. This snake wasn't afraid to make itself at home:

    Straight up nightmare fuel from WTF

    2. This rat was taking a dip in the Jacuzzi:

    Good morning look at this cute rat i found in my toilet at 7:13 am so cute my childhoor traumas came to life. He’s chillin

    Twitter: @sankoushegirl

    3. This squirrel didn't have as good of a time at the pool as it expected:

    Thought the cat fell into the toilet, did not expect this! from WTF

    4. This rattlesnake popped up to say hello:

    Rattlesnake slithers up toilet. from WTF

    5. This spider wanted to sneak up on someone's butt cheeks:

    Well, I won't be using that toilet in the near future from nope

    6. This brown snake played hide-and-seek:

    Just another day down under... my mums partner found this brown snake under his toilet lid from WTF

    7. This frog claimed its throne:

    It’s been 1 year since a frog was found in my toilet

    Twitter: @mark_sebetka

    8. This lizard was being a creep:

    It may not be as creepy as finding a snake in the toilet, but still not something I want to feel crawling on my butt cheeks from WTF

    9. This itty bitty scorpion took a dip:

    A late night pee in Arizona had some unexpected guests from WTF

    10. This spider knew how swim, apparently:

    There is a spider chilling in my toilet, in the water! from WTF

    11. This snake wanted to know why the toilet wasn't clean:

    Snakes in a drain from WTF

    12. This spider didn't have to be IN the toilet to claim it:

    Spider toilet from MakeMeSuffer

    13. This snake was just saying, "Hello":

    I always thought this was an irrational fear of mine...apparently not. Friend out in west Texas found this. 😳😳😳

    Twitter: @paytonmalonewx

    14. This spider was basically the size of the toilet itself:

    Can you ID this spider? I found him in my toilet this morning (DC metro area). from spiders

    15. And finally, this mouse must have been pissed:

    In a COMICAL end to this story, I went to have my morning pee and when I stood up to flush the toilet, our mouse friend was in there. I PEED ON HIM.😭 the good news about this story is my sister was able to catch him and we took him to a field area and he is now free!

    Twitter: @zoee_berman

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