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19 Times Walmart Needed To Get Its Shit Together

"Nothing says 'I love you' quite like fisting."

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1. Wow, I've never seen watermelons like this!

2. Perfect shirt for the whole family!

3. I can't wait to jump into my new rectangular poo!

4. Stephen King always takes me right back to my childhood.

5. Let's get geometric!

6. "Sir, where can I find your boneless bananas?"

raycub1 / Via

7. Totally worth the mark-up.

8. I can finally marathon Little Ho On The Prairie!

9. "Always low prices" is RIGHT!

10. "Please write this text message thread on a cake."

kellee_casper / Via

11. I can finally see the ads and then wipe my ass with 'em!

szhohwaeh / Via

12. Oh cool, Tie-dye!

13. You have to admit, this is Pinterest as fuck.

p3heather / Via

14. This is the perfect anniversary card!

tosavetheday / Via

15. "Do you have this in a medium?"

16. Sweet melons!

17. Irony sells, and I'm lookin' to buy!

markobie / Via

18. Reciprocity is golden.

gregfarnham / Via

19. And finally, I guess Jesus is coming in more ways than one.

Cygnets / Via

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