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19 Times The Internet Understood The Left-Handed Struggle

Fight for your lefts!

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1. When people couldn't seem to understand how your left hand functions.

#growinguplefthanded Classmate: How do you write like that? I don't get it. Me:

2. When people assumed you, somehow, were supposed to look different ‘cause you’re a leftie.

#growinguplefthanded "you don't look like you're left handed"

3. When writing on a white board was essentially pointless.

4. When meeting another leftie felt like finding your long lost sibling.

#GrowingUpLeftHanded meeting other ppl who was left handed and getting excited because there's not many of us .

5. When going in for a handshake was always unnecessarily awkward.

#GrowingUpLeftHanded Instinctively bringing out your left hand to shake your elders and getting this look

6. When people couldn't believe what they were seeing.

#GrowingUpLeftHanded When people clearly see you writing with your left hand but still ask, "Are you left handed?"

7. When even your fashion choices got judged.

#GrowingUpLeftHanded "you're supposed to wear your watch on your left"

8. When your left arm just couldn't catch a break.

#growinguplefthanded My worst nightmare

9. When even cutting a piece of paper became a chore.

The Struggle of using right-handed scissors 😩 #GrowingUpLeftHanded #LeftHandersDay

10. When spiral bound notebooks ruined your writing flow...

11. you tried to shift the paper 500 different ways...

: #growinguplefthanded - turning a paper half way upside down to write 😄

12. ...but were left permanently scarred...

when you're left handed and you're writing on a spiral notebook #lefthandedprobs

13. ...and dirty AF.

14. When others discovered your special "gift" and began to grill you relentlessly.

So true! #lefthandedproblems #dealwithit

15. When you never stopped hearing about how you would die young.

16. When eating something as simple as a tuna sandwich seemed impossible.

When left handed people like me try to open a tin. This happens. #lefthandedproblems #hungry #lefthanded

17. When Ned Flanders was your only spokesperson.

Happy left handers day!! --- Feliz Día del Zurdo!! #LeftHandersDay #zurdos #lefthandedproblems #itsinyourhands

18. When your friends wanted to be just like you...

19. ...but never truly understood the real left-handed struggle.

"You guys walk on the wrong side of the road and can't high five." - @KirstenKing_ and @laraeparker discussing left-handed problems.

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