17 Times Joanne The Scammer Was A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

    Honestly, truly.

    1. When she listed her interests:

    2. When she took the word "ugly" out of her vocabulary:

    3. When she reminded you to mind your own business:

    4. When she gave an informative lesson on colored eggs:

    5. When she reminded us all of her beauty:

    6. When she scammed her way to the top:

    7. When she wasn't about to fuck with a cheater:

    8. And then let him know that she's better off now:

    9. When she refused to let someone slander her good name:

    10. When she literally saved the day:

    11. When she wasn't about to be caught red-handed:

    12. When she threw the sharpest jab of them all:

    13. When she let her ex know that she sleeps better than he does:

    14. When she let you know that you're not welcome:

    15. When she tried find other means of employment:

    16. When she called out Drake while simultaneously scamming us all:

    17. And finally, when she let the world know that there will never be anyone like her: