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    19 Inanimate Objects That Perfectly Sum Up Your Hangover

    "Am I dead?"

    1. When you wake up somewhere completely foreign in the same outfit from last night.

    2. When you can't even recognize whether you're still wasted or just a big sober mess.

    3. When you look at your reflection and question all your life choices that led up to this very moment.

    4. When you feel dead behind the eyes and swear off all alcohol for the rest of your life.

    5. When your head feels like your brain has swelled an unnatural amount and your stomach won't let you live.

    6. When even Advil can't save you from your poor decisions.

    7. When you shield your bloodshot eyes from all forms of light because of the dreaded BURN.

    8. When the bed hasn't stopped spinning since last night.

    9. When you suddenly remember how embarrassing you truly were before you blacked out.

    10. When the only way you can retrace your steps from last night is by looking through pictures on your phone.

    11. When your friends want to go out for brunch but you can't even get off the couch.

    12. When you expect to feel refreshed after a long shower but just end up crying in pain instead.

    13. When you force some greasy junk food into your mouth because you've thrown everything else up.

    14. When you finally leave your room and try to keep it together because you can obviously handle your liquor.

    15. When your roommates judge you for being such a mess the night before.

    16. And they decide to be rude as fuck by talking extra loudly.

    17. When you somehow muster up enough energy to go buy a coffee and end up lookin' like an angry troll.

    18. When everyone, including your barista, mentions how "tired" you look.

    19. When you go to reach for your wallet and realize you've left your debit card at the scene of the crime.