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22 Baristas Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

"I have an iced coffee for...Orgy."

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ATTENTION: Being a barista is NOT easy and they should be praised for all the caffeinated goodness they give us. You know what else isn't easy? Spelling hundreds of names a day. But, alas, these name fails made us laugh anyway.


1. When Marc became Cark.

thepeopleofstarbucks / Via

2. And Orchid became Orgy.

3. When Carl became Curl.

carlorado1 / Via

4. And Chelsea became Chelica.

chelsea_bloodbath / Via

5. When Kit became Kunt.

kittrick_smith / Via

6. And Charlene became Chorleen.

lenes_journey_ / Via

7. When Whitney became Whitey.

whitney_major / Via

8. And Phil became Fill.

philipling / Via

9. When Oliver became Allover.

starbucks_namefails / Via

10. And Maggie became Mefkjdsflkd.

maggiemajstrova / Via

11. When Robbie became Rabbi.

chartrigger / Via

12. And Pete became Pit.

artsy_mermaid32 / Via

13. When Denise became Penis.

14. And Bernice became Alone.

thepeopleofstarbucks / Via

15. When Becky became Backie.

thepeopleofstarbucks / Via

16. And Kayla became Hella.

kdub484 / Via

17. When Keith became Pet.

keithpemberton / Via

18. And Terence became Taurus.

terencebreurken / Via

19. When Pamela became Panel.

singingpilgrim / Via

20. And Ben became Bat.

21. Finally, when Nick became Dick, then reverted back to Nick.

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