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21 Times Aubrey Plaza Proved We Didn't Deserve Her

"Death is near."

1. When she played with children's toys as children do:

2. When she accepted an award and summoned Satan on behalf of Amy Poehler:

3. When she came up with an underrated bop:

4. When she threw out the first pitch at a baseball game and repped the number 69:

5. When she doubled as a squirrel:

6. And as what she likes to call "a chicken":

7. When she literally set up a desktop in a Starbucks as part of a prank:

8. When she rode her broom to Target:

9. And then brought the Halloween spirit with her:

10. When she smoked weed with two nuns for over an hour:

11. When she had a special way of saying hello to Whoopi:

12. When she made it known that it's time a Latina won Best Actress at the Oscars:

13. When she fused with her Parks co-star:

14. When her phone autofilled with the best possible response:

15. When she showed up to a red carpet purposefully dressed like Elizabeth Olsen:

16. When she was proud of herself even when no one else was:

17. When she became immortal:

18. When she had a fabulous time at the beach:

19. When she had a better than summer than most:

20. When she photobombed Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton:

21. And finally, when she gave us all the answer we were looking for: