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25 People Who Struck Gold When Thrift Store Shopping In 2021

The best treasures are found when you're not even looking for them.

1. This Star Trek tea set that sells for over $400:

2. This espresso maker that's worth a fortune:

3. These Le Creuset pots and pans that retail for well over $100:

4. This beautiful dresser and mirror:

5. This unique Campbell's soup can bin:

6. This 21-year-old Britney tour T-shirt:

7. This real gold ring:

8. This brontosaurus head:

9. This beautifully vibrant KitchenAid mixer:

10. This funky Herman Miller sofa:

11. This espresso machine that's as good as new:

12. This lapis pendant that somehow ended up at a thrift store:

13. This gold bracelet:

14. This organ that will continue to live on:

15. The ACTUAL Kids' Choice Award that somehow didn't make it to Lemony Snicket's shelf:

16. This massive pristine white dinnerware set:

17. This Finel mushroom bowl that usually sells for over $100:

18. These Sennheiser headphones that sell for over $200:

19. This hefty collection of Goosebumps books:

20. This vintage leather Coach briefcase:

21. This Marvel pinball machine:

22. This Dillard's carousel that is worth hundreds:

23. This 1988 Olympic jacket that came with an ID badge:

24. This adorable peach teapot:

25. And finally, this priceless kitty plate:

H/T: r/ThriftStoreHauls.