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    This Slam Poet Addressed The Effects Catcalling Can Have On Women

    "Men have yelled at me in the street since I was twelve."

    It's no secret that women globally experience street harassment on an a daily basis.

    Elizabeth Acevedo, a slam poet and NY Times best-selling author, addressed this unfortunate reality in a poem titled "After" from her new novel, The Poet X.

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    The excerpt begins by recounting the things men have said to her novel's main character, Xiomara, since the age of 12:

    She goes on to mention that this harassment happens regardless of what she's doing:

    And that she's never used to men feeling like they're entitled to her body:

    Xiomara's only escape from this fear and agression is to write poetry:

    And it often times seems like this harassment will never end:

    Elizabeth told BuzzFeed, "I think cat-calling is a huge problem in our communities and folks don’t talk about the effect it can have on young women to be sexualized from a young age and not have any way of safely speaking back."

    You can check out Xiomara's entire story, including this poem, in The Poet X.