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This Guy Hired A Stranger To Be His Friend And It Somehow Worked Out Well

"I don't want you sleeping with anyone I'm dating."

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But UNLIKE most of us, he hired somebody off Craigslist to be his BFF:

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He started this (slightly questionable) journey by posting an ad on Craigslist to determine whether or not money can actually buy friendship.

BuzzFeed / Craigslist

"Hiring A Best Friend (Paid): Hello! I work at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. We are doing a video where we are paying someone to be our friend for a day. The shoot will happen at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures in Hollywood."


In order to determine whether or not Ahmed was truly bestie material, he had to pass these three simple challenges:

1. Be vulnerable with Aria.

2. Defend his honor.

3. Buy him a personalized gift.


At the end of this very weird journey, it appeared that our protagonists had built a unique bond, which led to Aria inviting Ahmed to a Halloween party that weekend.

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