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    This Concha Bath Bomb Is The Most Delicious Thing You'll See Today

    Bring the panaderia home with you.

    We all know that pan dulce is the greatest thing ever.

    Well, say hello to the newest addition to your pan dulce addiction: a concha bath bomb!

    It's sold by California-based Loquita Bath and Body and smells as delicious as it looks!

    Mira V. from Loquita told BuzzFeed that "this pink one is scented with a yummy bread scent with hints of sweetness."

    So basically, it's like having a panaderia right in your bathtub!

    It’s also not the only bath product the company sells.

    She went on: "For me, a lot of inspiration comes from my childhood, background, or heritage."

    And when it comes to her buyers, "I want them to feel nostalgia or familiarity. I want them to open up their packages and be excited that there is something out there for them."

    Find the bath bomb here!