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18 Things Anyone Who's Eaten Hot Cheetos Will Understand

Red fingers, unite!

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1. You start to salivate as soon as you lock eyes with that flamin' hot bag...

2. ...and you always end up leaving the store with more than you bargained for.

3. Your fingers are always in an inseparable relationship with Hot Cheeto dust..

4. ...because it never lets go, even when you've licked every last crumb.

5. You switch it up every now and then by literally drenching them in some nacho cheese...

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6. ...or you say "fuck my stomach" and make them even hotter with a gallon of hot sauce.

7. You get creative and find ways to incorporate them into every single one of your meals.

8. Which will ignite your internal struggle between going to the gym and lying on the couch with your four-course Hot Cheeto meal.

9. You often forget that regular Cheetos even exist...

10. ...and you will never dare cheat on them with some OTHER wannabes.

11. When you're feeling dangerous and destructive, you go for the XXTRA hot bag.

12. And you never hesitate to judge other people who can't handle the heat.

13. You refuse to share your stash with anyone who asks...

14. ...even when you have a bag in your purse...

15. ...on your bed...

16. ...and straight-up stuffed in yo' mouth.

17. You'll pretend that stories like this don't even exist...

18. ...because at the end of the day, you'll absolutely die if you don't get just one more Hot Cheeto into your mouth.

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