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18 Things No One Tells You About L.A.

There's more than meets the eye in the City of Angels.

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1. We have the oldest operating McDonald's.

This Downey landmark hasn't changed much since 1953. You still have to walk up to order your cheeseburger!

2. We have "the shortest railway in the world" in DTLA.

Up until 2013, you could pay 50 cents to ride "Angel's Flight" up Bunker Hill. Although it's not operating today, you can still visit it and enjoy the charm of another era.

3. We have one of the most surreal museums in the world.

If David Lynch curated a museum, this would be it.

4. There's a giant ballerina clown in Venice.

Jonathan Borofsky's giant sculpture actually moves and has been delighting/creeping out locals for over 25 years.

5. We can get a little taste of Mexico by visiting Olvera Street.

Known as the "birthplace of Los Angeles," it's also the oldest part of Downtown Los Angeles.

6. We have a restaurant that is straight out of the Old West.

The moment you step foot in the saloon-like Old Place Cornell, you'll wonder if you also stepped back in time.

7. We can make our own one-of-a-kind soda at Galco's Soda Pop Stop.

Galco's offers sodas that you never knew even existed. With over 700 flavors along with the option to create your own unique flavor, this Highland Park staple will satisfy any sweet tooth.

8. There is a street lined with Victorian-era houses in Echo Park.

Almost all of these late 19th-century homes have been restored, and you can enjoy them in their full glory on a walking tour.

9. We have a secret garden that pays homage to The Wizard of Oz.

The Garden of Oz is a mosaic paradise but has limited access. If you're lucky enough to get in, you'll feel like you've truly been transported to a magical land.

10. We can actually get a version of a Dole Whip in West Hollywood.

There's no need to fight your way through the crowds at Disneyland for this tropical soft serve delight — just pay a trip to Whipp'd LA.

11. There is a woman known as the "billboard queen" who drives around in a pink convertible.

Famous for her pink Corvettes and other assets, Angelyne has reached the rank of living Hollywood attraction.

12. There is an honor system for wine at C&O Trattoria.

It’s the second-best thing about this classic Venice eatery after, of course, their addicting garlic knots.

13. We have an '80s-themed speakeasy in Koreatown.

Break Room 86 carries a vibe that'll make you relive all the retro glam the '80s had to offer. The walls are lined with old televisions and cassettes, which will no doubt give you intense flashbacks to the greatest decade ever.

14. There are eerie underground tunnels that you can explore in DTLA.

During the Prohibition era these busy tunnels were used to transport booze. Today, they’re dead quiet, but you can still get your thrills by taking an elevator below ground behind the Hall of Records.

15. We have the best tendon outside of Tokyo.

Hannosuke has been called the “holy grail of tempura” and you can find it in Mitsuwa Marketplace.

16. There is a turn-of-the-century optic device in Santa Monica.

This camera obscura is an ancient device that eventually gave way to the modern photographic camera.

17. There is an office building shaped like binoculars in Venice.

Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, this unique office building is currently being leased by Google.

18. There is an observation deck on the 27th floor of City Hall.

For those wondering just how beautiful this city can be, City Hall's observation deck offers incredible views of the L.A. skyline.

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