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    19 Things You Can't Get Away With In A Small Town

    There's no such thing as a secret.

    1. You can't get in trouble because your parents will know in 23 seconds.

    2. And you can't say "I have a secret" without your friend's mom's aunt's neighbor's ex-husband finding out.

    3. You can't get to school on time because a tractor will almost always cause an unnecessary traffic jam.

    4. You can't convince people that the name of your town isn't something you just made up on the spot.

    5. You can't date someone in town and then break up otherwise you'll see them every time you get gas.

    6. And good luck trying to wade through the same four people who pop up on Tinder.

    7. You can't go to Wal-Mart without a bra because your old English teacher will be there.

    8. And you can't possibly get a teacher who didn't already know every single one of your older siblings or relatives.

    9. You can't really get away without having a car unless you never wanna get groceries or go to a non-chain restaurant again.

    10. And if you go shopping at the mall, the clothes better fit cuz you're not about to make the 30 minute trek back to return 'em.

    11. You can't remember a time when the beautiful, floral smell of animal poop didn't attack your nostrils.

    12. You can't make plans on a Friday night in the fall because those are reserved for football games and football games ONLY.

    13. You can't crave anything from The Cheesecake Factory 'cuz chances are the closest one is an hour away.

    14. You can't go on any field trips without selling multiple boxes of these damn chocolates.

    15. You can't wear blue corduroy without someone thinking you're in FFA.

    16. You can't drive a car without worrying about hitting a deer, cow, pig, horse, etc.

    17. You can't read the local news without seeing something questionable.

    18. You can't really go out and drink 'cuz the words "taxi" and "Lyft" don't even exist in your town.

    19. And finally, you can't go out past 10 unless you wanna loiter in some parking lot somewhere.