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    19 Things That Are Not What They Seem

    What is the truth?

    1. This steering wheel reflection that looks like a planet:

    u/Baconlessness / Via

    2. This frozen puddle that looks like the view from an airplane:

    u/SigmaNukem / Via

    3. This dog's chest that looks like a cat mid-sneeze:

    u/VintageRice / Via

    4. This snow and ice that looks like the ocean:

    u/schweermo / Via

    5. This tree that looks like a big piece of broccoli:

    u/Bdogg242 / Via

    6. This fallen post that looks like a giant cigarette:

    u/BrackAttack / Via

    7. This melted cold medicine that looks like tiny elf shoes:

    u/arwyayen / Via

    8. This dog's paw that looks like a mini version of the dog:

    u/p480n / Via

    9. This building that, when photographed, looks like a video play button:

    u/hey_watti / Via

    10. This broken car antenna that looks like a sunken boat:

    u/ogre_easy / Via

    11. This window that makes the view look like four different seasons:

    u/pommiegurl130 / Via

    12. This chair that makes it look like this person is wearing high-heel boots:

    u/Tripledip333 / Via

    13. This small red potato that looks like an anatomical heart:

    u/Jztak7 / Via

    14. This cloud that looks like a tornado:

    u/Amela613 / Via

    15. This dust on a wall that makes it look like it's made out of fabric:

    u/MereCoincidences / Via

    16. This lake seen through a binoculars lens that looks like a planet:

    u/bob202t / Via

    17. This bush that looks like it's flipping you off a hundred times over:

    u/Brocoli4dinner / Via

    18. This rock that looks like a peanut butter sandwich:

    u/SirEleventy / Via

    19. And finally, these wrapped up chocolates that look like Brussels sprouts:

    u/Blue_Gal / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting