18 Things All Communication Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

    "What is that anyway?"

    1. "Communication? Oh... that's... cool, I guess."

    2. "What is that anyway?"

    3. "So are you just learning how to talk to people?"

    4. "I mean... everyone already knows how to communicate though."

    5. "Are you planning to be a news anchor?"

    6. "You can be my publicist when I'm famous."

    7. "You do film analysis? I love movies!"

    8. "How hard can a social media class even be?"

    9. "So you basically live on Twitter then?"

    10. "You're exaggerating. Comm theory can't be that hard."

    11. "I wish my major was half as easy as yours."

    12. “Why are you so awkward? You're supposed to be a people person!"

    13. "What major did you fail out of first?"

    14. "You're just doing this until you declare something more practical, right?

    15. "My homework would be so much easier if I could do it in a group like you."

    16. "Your essays are just creative writing."

    17. "... so can you help me with my essays?"

    18. "Can you get a real job with that?"

    The next time someone asks you what a Comm major even does, remind them, '"literally anything."