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18 Things All Communication Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

"What is that anyway?"

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1. "Communication? Oh... that's... cool, I guess."

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The coolest tbh.

2. "What is that anyway?"

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The world's best kept secret apparently.

3. "So are you just learning how to talk to people?"

Bravo / Via

Learning how to ignore people is part of it too.

4. "I mean... everyone already knows how to communicate though."

Mivvin Colour Productions / Via

Well damn, guess you got me there. *drops out*

5. "Are you planning to be a news anchor?"


The best you've ever seen.

6. "You can be my publicist when I'm famous."

Logo / Via

Famous for what?

7. "You do film analysis? I love movies!"

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Micro-analyze every frame then come talk to me.

8. "How hard can a social media class even be?"

Summit Entertainment / Via

Only speak to me in 140 characters or less.

9. "So you basically live on Twitter then?"

Comedy Central / Via

I'm unfollowing you.

10. "You're exaggerating. Comm theory can't be that hard."

TLC / Via

Moonlighting as a philosopher is no walk in the park.

11. "I wish my major was half as easy as yours."

NBC / Via

Do you want to write my back-to-back 10 page papers on hegemonic power structures?

12. “Why are you so awkward? You're supposed to be a people person!"

E! / Via

Public speaking is just as toxic to me as it is you.

13. "What major did you fail out of first?"

ABC / Via

Believe it or not, this was my first choice. Shocking.

14. "You're just doing this until you declare something more practical, right?

20th Television / Via

The shade.

15. "My homework would be so much easier if I could do it in a group like you."

UPN / Via

You try getting a group to meet when everyone is busy 150% of the time.

16. "Your essays are just creative writing."


Proving that some cartoon birds represent patriarchy isn't "easy."

17. "... so can you help me with my essays?"

Bravo / Via

"Easy," you said. *takes a sip*

18. "Can you get a real job with that?"

WorldMonitiorTV / Via

Only the ones you wish you had.

The next time someone asks you what a Comm major even does, remind them, '"literally anything."

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