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    18 Dads Who Said, "Why Pay For It When I Can Build It Myself?"

    Give a dad some spare wood and he'll bunk beds.

    1. This dad who is, without a doubt, TALENTED:

    anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic 💅🏼

    2. This dad who needs to create more of these so I can buy them:

    I spent 2 months painting all these raindrops and my dad built the window frames for me :) from pics

    3. This dad who shows love in his own way:

    My dad claims he doesn’t love our dog, but he built this end table with a little hut for her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. from aww

    4. This dad who built the world's cutest bunk beds:

    My dad built my sister's cats bunk beds. And they actually use them from aww

    5. This dad who created a beautiful plant home:

    My dad just built me a plant table 🥺

    6. This dad who needs to go into the business of making lightsabers:

    My Dad built me a custom made lightsaber for my 23rd Birthday! 90 hour build over 3 months. Made from aluminium, stainless steel, brass and ziricote timber. from StarWars

    7. This dad who bonded with their kid in the cutest way possible:

    My mom passed away last month from cancer and after a rough holiday season, my dad and I built these shelves so I can display my shoes. This really helped cheer me up and made me bond with my dad even more. from Sneakers

    8. This dad who made one lucky elf happy:

    My dad built an elf house instead of tearing out this stump. My mother doesn't get it from Miniworlds

    9. This dad who created the vanity of the century:

    my dad built me a vanity and I am so in love with it 😭

    10. This dad who was just looking out for his elderly cat:

    My dad built a ramp so our 20 year old cat can still get into the bed. from aww

    11. This dad who didn't want one bangle to be left behind:

    My dad built me a stand for my bangles today🥺

    12. This dad who built a coffee table from 3020:

    This LED lit coffee table my girlfriend's dad built for us from pics

    13. This dad who wins the "husband of the year" award:

    My dad built this sewing room for my stepmom, I think it should be here from CozyPlaces

    14. This dad who built a tortoise mansion:

    My dad built an outdoor house with a window for his tortoise. from mildlyinteresting

    15. This dad who teamed up with their kid to create a sustainable desk:

    I couldn't find a desk that suited my setup, so me and the old man spent some quality time together and built one from all reclaimed materials. Love you dad! from battlestations

    16. This dad who brought out his dangerous side and went all out:

    so my dad built this zip line in his backyard out of recycled materials that goes all the way across our canyon...there’s two more lines after you reach that rock 😳 my fucking dad bro

    17. This dad who built a tiny home I'd happily camp out in:

    Timber fortress my dad designed and built for his grandsons from DIY

    18. And finally, this dad who gave his cats the gift of a lifetime:

    my dad built a little catio for my cat 💜

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