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    18 Dads Who Said, "Why Pay For It When I Can Build It Myself?"

    Give a dad some spare wood and he'll bunk beds.

    1. This dad who is, without a doubt, TALENTED:

    anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic 💅🏼

    2. This dad who needs to create more of these so I can buy them:

    3. This dad who shows love in his own way:

    4. This dad who built the world's cutest bunk beds:

    5. This dad who created a beautiful plant home:

    My dad just built me a plant table 🥺

    6. This dad who needs to go into the business of making lightsabers:

    7. This dad who bonded with their kid in the cutest way possible:

    8. This dad who made one lucky elf happy:

    9. This dad who created the vanity of the century:

    my dad built me a vanity and I am so in love with it 😭

    10. This dad who was just looking out for his elderly cat:

    11. This dad who didn't want one bangle to be left behind:

    My dad built me a stand for my bangles today🥺

    12. This dad who built a coffee table from 3020:

    13. This dad who wins the "husband of the year" award:

    14. This dad who built a tortoise mansion:

    15. This dad who teamed up with their kid to create a sustainable desk:

    16. This dad who brought out his dangerous side and went all out:

    so my dad built this zip line in his backyard out of recycled materials that goes all the way across our canyon...there’s two more lines after you reach that rock 😳 my fucking dad bro

    17. This dad who built a tiny home I'd happily camp out in:

    18. And finally, this dad who gave his cats the gift of a lifetime:

    my dad built a little catio for my cat 💜