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19 Things All People Do That Make Zero Sense

*Silences phone that's already on silent*

1. Watching the screen of the person in front of you on the plane and completely ignoring yours.

2. Pretending you're in a movie any time you're listening to some music.

me on public transit listening to music pretending like i’m in an indie movie

3. Making sure your phone is on silent during a movie even though it was never on loud to begin with.

4. Throwing away the box to your microwaveable meal and then fishing it out to read the instructions.

5. Checking the fridge, seeing there's no food, and then checking it again five minutes later.

6. Accumulating hundreds of dollars' worth of stuff in your cart when online shopping and then not buying it because the shipping is $5.99.

7. Putting your hand up in the air when you're lying in bed.

8. Stopping a microwave one second before the beeping starts.

9. Putting your songs on shuffle and then skipping 'em all until you get the one you knew you wanted to listen to.

10. Getting your gas to round up to a double zero.

11. Refusing to eat your food until you find the perfect show to watch.

12. Replaying how you said "here" during attendance over and over again in your head.

13. Tilting the video game controller because you think it helps you play the game better.

14. Hitting save on a document you just saved .02 seconds ago.

15. And saving literally anything with an iteration of the last name you saved it under.

16. Pretending to look at some random item in the store after noticing that someone is looking at the item you actually want.

17. Sitting around naked after taking a shower for an unnecessarily long time.

18. Rereading an email or important text right after sending it.

19. And finally, taking multiple laps around the house or apartment while talking on the phone.