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19 Things All Catholics Have Done But Will Never Admit

Not all sins see the light of the day.

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1. Lusted after someone sexy during Mass and shifted your attention away from Jesus.

2. Came up with obscure sins during confession so that you had something to say and didn't look like an awful person.


3. And then didn't bother to say every single Our Father and Hail Mary the priest assigned for penance.


4. Said God's name in vain (ESPECIALLY during sex). 👀

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5. Ate meat on Friday during Lent, even though literally everyone specifically reminded you not to.

6. And then survived only a week until you succumbed to what you had given up.

7. Became weirdly jealous when someone else's ashes looked better than yours.

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8. Fell asleep during Mass more times than you care to admit.

9. And stayed seated even though you were clearly supposed to be standing.


10. Looked past the collection basket when you were broke AF.

11. Spoke gibberish when you were the only one who didn't know the prayers.

12. Ate half your meal before someone at the dinner table started praying.


13. Tipped the wine chalet a little too much.

14. Only went to church during a major holiday.

15. Did something awfully sinful right in front of your family's Jesus decor.

16. Used religious candles to pray for something real basic. Like an A+ on a test.

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17. Enjoyed your First Communion largely because of the presents.

18. Was a bit too superstitious about anything resembling evil.

19. And finally, got a little too excited when you heard, “May God bless you. The Mass has ended. Go in peace.”


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