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    17 Therapy Tweets That Are Equal Parts Funny And Real

    Stress? Heard of it.

    1. On learning:

    Therapist: And how would you say you learn best? Me: The hard way?

    2. On being open:

    Therapist: you need to let people in Me: it’s not locked

    3. On this reality:

    talked to my therapist about why my dating life is so awful and she looked at me and with full honesty said: ‘don’t take it the wrong way, but the problem is that you’re dating men’

    4. On doing you:

    Me talking to my therapist after she told me that posting memes on social media is not a form of therapy

    5. On finding out the truth:

    What is the German word for when u find out ur therapist is 27

    6. On validation:

    Teen girl told me she liked my outfit in the therapy waiting room. Do I even need to go in I just got everything I needed.

    7. On overthinking:

    therapist: you're overthinking me: what if- therapist: don't me: WHAT IF therapist: me: what if everyone else is underthinking

    8. On saying the wrong thing:

    Therapists: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: it be like that sometimes Therapist: No

    9. On wondering what they're writing:

    me: what are u writing down therapist: sorry it’s confidential notepad: ^ / \ / \ / \ | | | | | | \ \ / \ \/ /\ \ / \ \ | | | | | | \ / \ / \ / v

    10. On a-ha moments:

    Me: Well that’s just showbiz baby✨ My therapist: no that’s your childhood trauma resurfacing Me: oh ✨

    11. On getting ahead of the game:

    Employer: We’re like a family here. You’re going to talk about us in therapy 10 years from now.

    12. On being a burden:

    my therapist: you’re afraid to be an imposition me, putting an empty coffee cup in my bag instead of asking for a trash can: me?

    13. On labels:

    my therapist just referred to her therapist as my grand-therapist . trying to process.

    14. On this truth:

    Why is my dog also a therapist who is disappointed that you continue using humor to deflect as a means to avoid resolving conflict.

    15. On encouraging men to visit a therapist:

    how is it possible that so few men are in therapy when every single man i’ve ever met should 100% be in therapy

    16. On choosing your words carefully:

    Trying to be honest with my therapist but not so honest that I get involuntarily hospitalized

    17. And finally, on realizing what you actually need to do:

    me: should I get bangs or go to therapy my friends: therapy me: