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    Posted on Nov 3, 2015

    15 Deliciously Awesome Items For Anyone Who Loves Tacos

    "Tacos before vatos."

    1. Personalized taco necklace, $17.95

    MetalSpeak / Via

    Classy and tasteful.

    2. Smirking taco earrings, $12.99

    IHeartGamers / Via

    Ears never looked this cute.

    3. Taco phone case, $12.99

    DizzyCactus / Via

    Call your taco BAE in style.

    4. Taco canvas bag, $16.00

    ThePepperMillShop / Via

    Show the world how punny you can be.

    5. Taco truck print, $25.00-$35.00

    LuckySevenStudio / Via

    The true hub of happiness.

    6. Santa taco ornament, $9.50

    yummypancake / Via

    Ho, ho, ho-my-god tacos are great.

    7. Taco magnet, $13.00

    GuiltfreeDecadence / Via

    And then open that fridge and make some real ones.

    8. "Make tacos, not war" print, $12.00

    ClassyCardsCreative / Via

    Both decorative wall art and a peace treaty.

    9. "Feliz Navidad" taco baseball tee, $15.99-$17.99

    TeesAndTankYouShop / Via

    Christmas just got a whole lot tastier.

    10. "Tacos before vatos" pin, $1.00

    ButtonzAGoGo / Via

    A life slogan that should be taken to heart.

    11. Taco Tuesday pixel tee, $17.95-$23.95

    FishbiscuitDesigns / Via

    Tacos rock, even in 8-bit.

    12. Taco stickers, $3.00

    PaperSprinklesShoppe / Via

    Cover your life in tacos.

    13. Taco banner, $45.00

    TastefullyMismatched / Via

    TACO PARTY 24/7!

    14. Taco Bell nail decals, $6.00

    KawaiiNailKandy / Via

    Chic enough to wear at even the classiest of places.

    15. "But first, tacos" hanging wall banner, $16.00-$36.00

    MatriarchHandmade / Via

    A sweet reminder of where your priorities should be.

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