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    31 Gifts You Need To Buy If You Want To Support Latino-Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

    I'll take five of everything please.

    1. A chula necklace for that person in your life who's beautiful both inside and out.

    shopmivida / Via

    Mi Vida is a Chicano brand that works closely with the community. Everything is designed, printed, and made in LA and they provide a place for local artists of all ages to come together.

    Get this necklace from Mi Vida for $28.

    2. A "bendecida" hat and mug so you can pass the blessings along.

    Tito's Mundo / Via, Tito's Mundo / Via

    Tito's Mundo was founded by Armando ‘Tito’ Tam, a Chinese-Nicaraguan culinary chef. He believes that inspirations can turn into reality, so why not rock those inspirations?

    Get the dad hat for $30 and the mug for $17-$20 from Tito's Mundo.

    3. This badass tee that poses an extremely valid question.

    kaylaa.robinson / Via

    Greenboxshop was founded by queer Afro-Latina Kayla Robinson. She created social justice shirts when she couldn't find any she liked online. This shirt has even been worn by Frank Ocean!

    Get it from Greenboxshop for $18.99.

    4. These one-of-a-kind planters that'll give your plants the home they've always deserved.

    Yiyi Mendoza / Via, Yiyi Mendoza / Via

    These planters are handmade by Mexican-American ceramicist Yiyi Mendoza, who seeks to "revive a sacredness in objects that is particular to material and process."

    Order the pom pom planter for $50 and the hanging planter for $70 from Yiyi Mendoza.

    5. A pin for the person in your life who isn't sleeping on important social issues. Stay woke my friends!

    GRL TRBL / Via

    GRL TRBL was founded by Afro-Latinx writer and illustrator Emerald Pellot and aims to always be inclusive, intersectional, and feminist.

    Get this sweet, sweet pin from GRL TRBL for $12.

    6. These made-to-order tassel earrings will give your ears the flare they've been dying for.

    HiloyPiedra / Via, http://@Hilo.y.Piedra / Via

    Hilo y Piedra is an LA-based business founded by two Bolivian sisters, Hanna and Eunice San Miguel. With everything from pom pom earrings, tassel earrings, and stitch markers, they aim to combine their love of craft-making with their love of beautiful things.

    Get these white tassel earrings from Hilo y Piedra on Etsy for $25.

    7. These lipsticks from Vive Cosmetics that are so good they're "#BesoProof."

    Vive Cosmetics

    With the desire to create a makeup line by Latinas for the Latinx community, Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia founded Vive Cosmetics.

    Get shades like "Chingona" and "Café Con Leche" from Vive Cosmetics for $18.

    8. A "Se Habla Spanglish" shirt and pin combo for all the times you said "Pero like..."

    Peralta Project / Via, Peralta Project / Via

    Tony Peralta, native New Yorker and creator of Peralta Project, says he likes to "mix New York City Latino grit with hip-hop culture to create designs that resonate with people from all walks of life."

    Get the shirt for $28 and the pin for $13 from Peralta Project.

    9. Or a sweatshirt and shirt combo for when you wanna tell the world que eres una negra orgullosa.

    Peralta Project / Via, Peralta Project / Via

    Get the sweatshirt from Peralta Project for $40 and the shirt for $28.

    10. A simple necklace that's all about Afro-Latina pride.

    Zahira Kelly / Via

    This necklace is made by Dominican indie artist and designer Zahira Kelly. Her site says that "much of the proceeds go directly to marginalized women and femme identifying people of color."

    Get this polished gold steel necklace from Zahira Kelly for $36.

    11. A handmade "trá trá trá" bag that can hold all the makeup you'll likely sweat off on the dance floor.

    andapal / Via

    Anda Pa'l was founded by Rita, a Puerto Rico native who now lives in Seattle. She seeks to celebrate the music, language, colors, and joy "de nuestra cultura."

    Get this cute bag from Anda Pa'l for $15.

    12. A "No Me Jodas" iron-on patch because people shouldn't be fucking with you to begin with.

    Shop Destruya / Via

    Shop Destruya carries feminist-inspired apparel and was founded by a very talented Puerto Rican woman named Natalia.

    Get this patch from Shop Destruya for $6.

    13. A chingona necklace that is just as badass as you are because, let's face it, you're not to be messed with.

    @malabypattyrodriguez / Via, @AmericaFerrera / Via

    Patty Rodriguez, the creator of Mala by Patty Rodriguez, says her jewelry line "is about roots. It's about repping your culture, your heritage, and your badass side."

    Get this necklace from Mala by Patty Rodriguez, starting at $99. It comes in 14K gold-plated silver, sterling silver, or 9K solid gold. It's even been worn by America Ferrera and Julissa Arce.

    14. A paletero air freshener that smells like strawberries and your childhood.

    Fuchila / Via

    Fuchila Air Fresheners is a Chicano and Latino pop culture-inspired line of air fresheners with one goal: Make people happy.

    Get this cute lil' freshener from Fuchila Air Fresheners for $5.

    15. A "corazon de melon" onesie that'll make your baby more fashionable than I'll ever be.

    Somar ATX / Via

    Somar ATX is a Texas-based Xicanx shop that's all about embracing the Latino culture.

    Get this bodysuit from Somar ATX for $23.99.

    16. A "Peligrosa" tote bag because what's a little fun without some danger?

    TheFutureisLatina / Via

    The Future Is Latina was founded by Natalie Montelongo and has had her products worn by the likes of comedian Cristela Alonzo.

    Get the tote bag for $18 and "The Future Is Female Shirt" for $25 from TheFutureisLatina on Etsy.

    17. A hat that hates people as much as you hate people, 'cause fuck everyone, right?

    bornxraised / Via

    BornxRaised is an LA-based brand that, according to Complex, "uses old English fonts to wail against the gentrification that has taken over many of the city's neighborhoods."

    Get this hat from BornxRaised for $26.

    18. A "Nena" shirt for all the beloved nenas in your life. Can't risk leaving one out!

    Hola Dear Deer / Via

    If you don't already know, Nena is Spanish slang for "babygirl." Hola Dear Deer was inspired by family roots and founded by two Texas-based sisters, Erika Del Valle and Jessica Garcia.

    Get this shirt from Hola Dear Deer for $25.

    19. A Virgen de Guadalupe sweatshirt to protect your loved one from life's demons. And actual demons.

    Bella Doña / Via

    Bella Doña is the creation of Natalia Durazo and Lala Romero. Their pieces have a beautiful SoCal chola aesthetic.

    Get this sweater from Bella Doña for $48-$50.

    20. A set of Cherry Poppin' earrings or iconic "Sexy" gold bamboo hoops that'll leave ya feelin' your look day and night.

    Honey B Gold / Via, Honey B Gold / Via

    If you thought Natalia Durazo wasn't busy enough with Bella Doña, she also found time to get Honey B Gold off the ground. She said "many of our pieces keep the bold, thrilling, bad girls in mind."

    Get the cherry earrings for $45 and the "Sexy" bamboo hoops for $36 from Honey B Gold.

    21. A lovely t-shirt that says what you've probably been saying for an entire lifetime.

    NalgonaPositiveShop / Via

    The shirt says "Support the dreams of young girls of color." Nalgona Positivity Pride, the shop that makes these, is a Xicana-brown body-positive shop that focuses on creating eating disorders awareness in communities of color and decolonizing the body.

    Get this dreamy shirt from NalgonaPositiveShop for $26.50.

    22. This deep conditioner oil, scalp treatment oil, and hair and skin cream bundle because "todo pelo es pelo bueno."

    MicMas ReMiX / Via

    MicMas ReMiX was founded by Adessa, an Afro-Latina who hopes to inspire pride in all hair, because there is no such thing as pelo malo." Her products are best used on relaxed, kinky curly, dreadlocks, coarse, and coily hair.

    Get this bundle from MicMas ReMiX for $30.75.

    23. These color-shifting highlighters will have your highlight poppin' and make your overall look showstoppin' (I'm sorry).

    Chaos Makeup / Via

    Chaos Makeup is based in Texas and was founded by Megan Martinez. The brand also carries an extremely popular rainbow highlighter.

    Get Ice, Moon, Cosmic, or Nerfertiti for $15 each or the whole set for $45 from Chaos Makeup.

    24. A Mazapan Mami and Papi shirt for the gentle spirit in your life.

    Chicano Eats / Via

    Who doesn't love food? Chicano Eats certainly does. Esteban, a queer Chicano and founder of Chicano Eats, likes to explore his culture and traditions through food.

    Get these shirts from Chicano Eats for $18.

    25. These flan and avocado bath bombs will transform any bath into a full-fledged culinary experience.

    Brewbles / Via, Brewbles / Via

    Brewbles is the creation of Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel, a 24-year-old Xilangx/Mexican immigrant who is inspired by their culture, nostalgia, and memories from their childhood.

    Get the flan bath bomb for $5 and the avocado bath bomb for $12 from Brewbles.

    26. A red matte Death Cherry lipstick with Ambrosia lip liner that's straight up killer.

    Melt Cosmetics / Via

    Founders Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar met while working the makeup counter at Nordstrom, and now have their very own makeup line. The line takes pride in carrying bold, matte lipsticks of many different colors.

    Get this set from Melt Cosmetics for $33.

    27. A handmade brass moons mobile with energy healing properties that'll make your 2018 a little less stressful.

    breadxbutta / Via

    BreadxButta, a NYC company founded by a Puerto Rican woman, say that Howlite, the stone used in this piece, is "a great stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions, and stress."

    Get it from BreadxButta for $75.

    28. A "Latin Nerd" shirt because being smart is always in fashion.

    Latin Nerd / Via

    Believing that there's an entire world of under-recognized and under-represented brown people in tech, coding, space, science, and gaming, Latin Nerd wants to put those people in the forefront.

    Get this shirt from Latin Nerd for $19.95. 5% of the proceeds goes to Code2040, which helps support and create successful pathways for minorities in the tech industry.

    29. A Mal de Ojo bangle and Luna stud earrings that'll act as your shield of armor from all that is evil in the world.

    Luni Jewelry / Via, Luni Jewelry / Via

    Luni Jewelry is the creation of Lorenia Henriquez. All the jewelry is handmade with the hope that every piece is as unique as the individual who wears it.

    Get the Mal de Ojo bangle for $50 and the Luna studs for $45 from Luni Jewelry.

    30. A flying tiger shirt that is LITERALLY a work of art.

    Artillery A.G. / Via

    Founded in 2009 by artists Ivan Lopez and Alexa Treviño, Artillery A.G. steps away from fast fashion, creates wearable art, and establishes a platform for emerging artists.

    Get this shirt from Artillery A.G. in black, white, grey, or gold for $25.

    31. And finally, these lipsticks that'll take anyone's makeup game to the next level.

    Nevermind Cosmetics / Via, Nevermind Cosmetics / Via

    Nevermind Cosmetics is a Miami-based business founded by Latina cousins Vanessa and Mari. Their mission is to create bold and beautiful lipsticks inspired by '90s vibes. All their lipsticks are Paraben and cruelty-free.

    Get "Hair Flip" for $13 and "I Can't Even" for $15 from Nevermind Cosmetics.

    Do you have a favorite Latino-owned business we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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