17 Staircases That Were Built With Chaos In Mind

    Some stairs just weren't made for climbing.

    1. This staircase that was built for murder:

    2. These pre-escalator stairs that defeat the purpose of an escalator: 

    3. This staircase that lives off chaos:

    4. These stairs that gain your trust and then rip it away:

    5. These carpeted stairs that must smell like mold:

    6. This staircase that leads to a new dimension, apparently:

    7. This staircase that is as dizzying to look at as it is to walk down:

    8. This staircase that has no right to look this warped:

    9. These lil' baby stairs and glass partition that wouldn't be fun to walk into:

    10. This staircase that, no matter how hard you look, never looks like actual steps:

    11. This staircase that would come in handy in a real fire emergency:

    12. These stairs that couldn't have been intended to look this wonky:

    13. This staircase that is basically an obstacle course:

    14. This staircase that did this poor person dirty:

    15. This slanted staircase that would leave anyone's brain rattling after a good therapy session:

    16. This staircase that just looks like one big prank:

    17. And finally, this water feature that disguises itself as a staircase:

    H/T r/crappydesign