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    16 Times Squirrels Didn't Give A Shit

    And you thought snakes were scary.

    by ,

    1. This snake wrangler:

    2. This unabashed thief:

    3. This flying demon:

    Gordondel / Via

    4. This two-faced jumper:


    5. This fry-eating, leg-grappling monster:

    6. This narcissist:

    7. This lightweight who can't hang:

    8. This cuddle beast:

    9. This mouthy, fanged creature:

    10. This intruder:

    11. These exhibitionists:

    12. This photogenic one:

    13. This purse-snatching fiend:

    14. This hitchhiker:

    15. This Halloween lover:

    travelinaddy / Via

    16. And finally, this killer who's out for some blood:

    Sporetown / Via

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