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Updated on Sep 30, 2020. Posted on Sep 28, 2020

17 Photos That Prove Translating Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Adding an "o" to a word doesn't make it Spanish.

1. This person who invented a new word:

2. This tent that rudely added on two more minutes for no reason:

My tent takes longer to set up if you speak Spanish. from mildlyinteresting

3. This gas station that proved the vital importance of the tilde:

Thank you @AdvanceAuto, but I have no need free gasoline for a year from an "anus". #SpanishFail

Twitter: @SAndion
Twitter: @SAndion

"Win free gasoline for one anus."

4. And this restaurant that hit and miss:

English-to-Spanish translation FAIL--and in a Mexican restaurant!

5. This market that unintentionally said, "Yea I guess our paper towels double as pads":

Okay, I need help from all the Spanish speakers on my TL: Please tell me I'm not reading this wrong...cuz really #EPIC #TRANSLATION #FAIL

"Maxi pad"

6. This airport that just gave up at the end:

@LGAairport your Spanish translations need help. Seriously. Happy to make recommendations. #translationfail

7. This clothing item that's apparently made from a Thanksgiving turkey:

"Hecho en Pavo" #MastersOfTranslation 🌐 📩 @etfelicitofill

"Made in Turkey." In this case, they should have used Turquía.

8. This person who was just plain offensive:

9. This sign that didn't even try:

This is my office's attempt to say something in Spanish. #fail #ignorance

Twitter: @LoHollis

10. This store that definitely put a Spanish word down, just not the right one:

11. This sign that proves adding an "o" to a word doesn't make it Spanish:

Twitter: @Henac

12. This game that might not just be about a war:

How do you say "Play Now! Free!" In Spanish?? I dunno dude just google translate it.. #fail #spanishfail #google

Twitter: @_Sebastian_

"Reproduce now! Free!"

13. This clothing tag that's trying to hit on you:

Un clásico de las traducciones surrealistas: "Mano se lava, no blanquear no caiga, hierro chulo". #traducción #FAIL

Twitter: @DiegoJParra

"Hand is washing, no whitening no falling, iron cute."

14. This banner that will definitely make the day memorable for the wrong reasons:

15. This translation that's just a bunch of words put together:

—¿De qué trabajas? —Soy traductora. —¿Para qué si ya está el traductor de Google y otros traductores automáticos? —Ajá, por supuesto. #translationfail

This one is too much of a mess for me to even translate.

16. This simple mistake that proves you shouldn't always rely on Google Translate:

17. And finally, while this birthday card isn't a a translation, it didn't have to be setup this way:

This is a Spanish birthday card I got. I miss read the rest holy please from funny

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