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19 Snapchats Only People In L.A. Would Send

"Saw Cady Heron at Chipotle!"

1. When you do everything you can to avoid The Grove:

2. When you've lost count of all your parking tickets:

3. When even pets in L.A. have far more Facebook friends:

4. When wine becomes a special event:

5. When the beach in Santa Monica becomes just plain scary:

6. When there's no shame in your In-N-Out obsession:

7. When a license plate tells you all about the driver:

8. When brunch becomes a reoccurring theme every weekend:

9. When your fascination gets the best of you:

10. When Dodger Dogs make life worth living:

11. When you spend more time hiking than you ever do at the gym:

12. When parking signs ruin your life:

13. When you'd rather Uber than deal with those parking signs.

14. When you low-key brag to everyone how great the weather is:

15. When you live half your life in traffic:

16. When rain means the apocalypse is near:

17. When spotting Angelyne becomes a game:

18. When celebrities act just like you or I:

19. And finally, when you realize you're in one of the greatest cities on Earth: