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    Meet Perdita, The Cute Shelter Cat Who Was Just Dubbed The "World's Worst Cat"

    Perdita is all of us!

    Say hello to Perdita. She is a cat living at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina and the unbothered legend we all deserve!

    Mitchell County Animal Rescue / Via

    Yesterday, in an effort to help Perdita get adopted, the shelter posted this ad showcasing her personality, in which she was dubbed the "world's worst cat." This is an honor only a cat as adorably evil as Perdita could carry.

    Amber Lowery, the shelter’s director, told McClatchy News that shelter workers initially thought the cat was in pain, but when they took her to the vet, he just said, "No, this cat is just a jerk."

    Mitchell County Animal Rescue / Via

    Lowery went on to tell McClatchy that the 4-year-old cat "came to the shelter on Christmas Eve like the Grinch and quickly asserted dominance."

    Universal Pictures / Mitchell County Animal Rescue / Via

    And from what I can gather in this video, Perdita DOES. NOT. LIKE. TO. BE. BOTHERED.

    Facebook: video.php

    So, if you can live with a cute cat that allegedly doesn't like the color pink, kittens, dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas, and hugs....

    Getty Images / Disney / Sony Music

    ...but enjoys staring into your soul, the song "Cat Scratch Fever," the movie Pet Sematary, jump scares, lurking in dark corners, being queen of her domicile, and fooling you into thinking she's sick...


    ...then maybe Perdita is right for you! Anyone who is interesting in adopting this lil' ray of darkness can fill out an application form on Mitchell County Animal Rescue's website here.

    Mitchell County Animal Rescue

    If you want to follow Perdita on her adoption journey, follow Mitchell County Animal Rescue on Instagram and Facebook.

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