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A Shelter Cat Is Now A Hero For Helping Other Cats Escape From Their Room


Say hello to Quilty. He is a cat living at the Friends for Life shelter in Houston, Texas, and the jailbreaking legend we all deserve.

Quilty was initially sent to spend his time alone in the shelter's lobby because he, according to the shelter, was letting cats out of the senior room "repeatedly" and "several times a day."

The shelter had to "Quilty-proof" the room and he was then put into an integration kennel so he could reacclimate:

But of course, as Quilty does, he escaped that kennel too!

Once the kennel was no more, he thought escaping through the window was a viable plan, but of course it led to nothing.

He then proceeded to crash a staff meeting by sneaking out of his room behind a human and was subsequently "perp-walked" back to confinement. LET HIM BE!

He repeated this about 3–5 times, and each time he was unfortunately caught.

Quilty was clearly NOT very happy about this. This earned him the nickname of "Spicy a-hole" at the shelter.


Based on this video alone, it's obvious that he's a total genius and was just waiting for a human to slip up so he could escape once more.

Quilty became quite the celeb when the shelter shared this entire story on its Facebook page last month. This meant he needed new headshots, which he course wasn't too pleased about.

Friends for Life even made #FreeQuilty merch, with the proceeds going straight to the shelter.

And if you're wondering whether Quilty is still locked up, I'm excited to announce that he just had his first sleepover with his potential adopters...

...and it went very well!!

I know I'm not alone in saying that we all deserve a friend/icon like Quilty in our lives.

Follow Quilty's journey on his Instagram @free_quilty or on the Friends for Life Insta @friends4lifeorg.