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    19 Tweets That'll Speak To People With Sensitive Spirits

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE cr...yea I'm crying.

    1. When you try to be someone you're not:

    me: nah i'm not a very sensitive person... i got pretty thick skin friend: ur laugh is kinda odd… me for the next 13 days:

    2. When you begin to set a schedule:

    i just saw a guy in the library cry for five or so minutes and then his phone alarm went off and he just? stopped crying? and went right on back to work

    3. When you can't hide the truth:

    someone: were you crying? me: lol no why?

    4. When you hear something completely different:

    friend: you’re so annoying haha me: *knows it’s a joke* my anxiety: but what if they really mean it me:

    5. When you're trying to pull it together:

    someone: are u ok? me, obviously in tears, devastated: yeah dude I'm chill lmao why are u asking?

    6. When the criticism hits you deep:

    7. When you're real invested:

    "Are you crying because of a fictional character?" yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesye yes yes yes yes yes yes

    8. When you're multifaceted:

    i may be a dumb bitch but i’m also a sensitive bitch too

    9. When your first reaction is to cry:

    Me , when I cause an slight inconvenience or when someone raises their voice at me

    10. When you feel too much:

    when ur stubborn with a good heart and don’t know how to control ur emotions

    11. When you've already got too much to deal with:

    Guy: I have feelings for you Me, already an emotional wreck: no thanks. I've got enough

    12. When every word takes on a life of its own:

    friend: *texts me with even the slightest change in tone* me:

    13. When you have to deal with the repercussions:

    When you overreacted & the damage has been done so you just lay there wondering why anyone puts up with you at all

    14. When you go from one extreme to the next:

    #growingupsensitive me yelling at someone vs. when someone even remotely raises their voice at me

    15. When you've never related to a child more:

    when i was in middle school i was in a spelling bee with a boy who was asked to spell “potatoes” and he stood up there for 2 minutes in silence before he began to cry. and then correctly spelled the word. i think about him a lot

    16. When you apologize one too many times:

    “you don’t always have to apologize for everything, you’re good” Me:

    17. When your friends find other friends:

    when i see my bestfriend bonding with other people & having a social life outside of me & having fun without me & enjoying life without me

    18. When you say, "It's fine," BUT IT'S NOT:

    friends: im sorry we forgot to invite you :( me: no, its completely fine. it really is, dont worry also me:

    19. And finally, when all you want is for what you love to matter:

    when you show people a movie you love AND THEY DONT PAY ATTENTION or react to any of the important scenes

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