19 Savage Texts From Moms That Are Just Really, Really Funny

    "I moved $20 in your account. You have $21 now."

    1. This mom who's not so subtle:

    2. This mom who knows the art of a good comeback:

    3. This mom who's feelin' herself:

    4. This mom who's giving back:

    5. This mom who's got jokes:

    6. This mom who refuses to be ghosted by her own daughter:

    7. This mom who's disappointed:

    8. This mom who made an honest "mistake":

    9. This mom who can't be bothered:

    10. This mom who makes solid recommendations:

    11. This mom who doubles as life coach:

    12. This mom who offered up some advice:

    13. This mom who obviously loves her kid's pet fish:

    14. This mom who's too busy for you:

    15. This mom who's living her best life:

    16. This mom who's being pretty helpful:

    17. This mom who's really not a fan of Miley Cyrus:

    18. This mom who wiped her daughter from her contacts list:

    19. And finally, this mom who can't tell a lie: