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    "Roma" Star Yalitza Aparicio Is On The Cover Of Vogue Mexico And Wow, Just Wow

    "My skin, very Mexican, very Oaxaqueñan and very human."

    If you haven't already seen Roma, then just know that it's one of this year's most beautiful films.

    And there's no shortness of beauty when it comes to its lead actor, Yalitza Aparicio, who will be gracing the cover of Vogue Mexico's January issue and looking like the queen she's always been.

    Needless to say, people were VERY excited about it:

    In addition to the cover, Vogue Mexico also released a video with the first-time actor in which she describes herself in the most poetic way possible:

    She then goes on to discuss how she felt when she auditioned for the role of Cleo:

    And then talks about dismantling stereotypes and being proud of who she is and where she came from:

    Watch the complete interview here...

    View this video on YouTube

    ...and may your star never stop rising, Yalitza.