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    17 Plants That Are More Dramatic Than You'll Ever Be

    I've never related to a plant more.

    1. This plant that played dead a little too well:

    2. This fittonia that really went to the other side and lived to tell the tale:

    My fittonia is so dramatic! We get it... you’re thirsty. Taken about 24 hours apart. from houseplants

    3. This polka dot plant that lost all its polka dots:

    We talk about dramatic fittonias a lot, but my polka dot plant horrified me last night from houseplants

    4. This plant that could have fooled anybody:

    before and after I water my plant, taken 2 hours apart... sis is so dramatic.

    5. This zucchini plant that sucked the life out of itself:

    Dramatic fainting zucchini just wants attention 🙄 from gardening

    6. This plant that needed a spa day:

    I thought yall were carrying on about how dramatic plants be but GIRL. A little water, moving the soil and a steam bath got her together. *i been in and out of town lol*

    7. This plant that was just a little sad, as we all are:

    She’s so dramatic! Photos taken 1 1/2 hrs apart 😂 from houseplants

    8. This hydrangea that said, "If you're not gonna feed me, then I'm hiding my colors":

    My overly dramatic hydrangea before and after watering. from gardening

    9. This plant that was just playin' around:

    What a dramatic lady. All in the span of 3 hours, a new pot, and a lot of water. from gardening

    10. This plant that went one extra step and furled its leaves:

    She's a little dramatic when she's thirsty 🙄 from houseplants

    11. This plant that was too thirsty for its own good:

    This is 1 day after I watered it... Why are plants so dramatic

    12. This avocado plant that said, "It's showtime!":

    My dramatic avocado 3 hours post-watering from houseplants

    13. This plant that doesn't want to be told how to act:

    Stop being so dramatic, I’m only a day late giving you a drink from houseplants

    14. This plant that should be grateful it's in such a sweet pot:

    the most dramatic plant I own. before I watered it and then 4 hours later.

    15. This oxalis that is smiling leaf-to-leaf now:

    My oxalis being ✨dramatic✨ from houseplants

    16. This plant that needed a few hours to get its life together:

    May I introduce to you the most dramatic plant ever. (First pic was at 11:30a.m, second one was at 3:30p.m)

    17. And finally, this plant that is 100% me:

    I have this dramatic ass plant that DIES if I forget to tend to it for like 2 days then after half a day by the window it’s like ok nvm we good :)

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