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Updated on Nov 13, 2019. Posted on Nov 13, 2019

We Know Your Soulmate's First Initial, As Wild As That Sounds

The love of your life has been around you all along.

  1. You just poured your heart out to a crush and told 'em how much you like them, and they send this (and only this) back:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  2. A co-worker who never answers their phone when you call/text them sends you this:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  3. A good friend sends you this from a dinner date you totally forgot you planned:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  4. You see this text from your boss the morning after you got drunk off Dollaritas at Applebee's:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  5. A friend who's been seeing some guy (who you've never met) for 4 months sends your group chat this:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  6. A cousin who you haven't seen in years sends you a photo of their newborn baby:

    Getty Images / Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
  7. Finally, you get this text from your OWN number at 2:30 a.m.:

    Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

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