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    15 Things That Dogs And ONLY Dogs Look Cute Doing

    Eating poop is just the start.

    1. Fart in another person's face.

    2. Pee on the floor out of spite.

    3. Eat a shoe, 'cuz why not?

    4. Bite someone's dick by surprise.

    5. Eat crayons and literally taste the rainbow.

    6. Happily steal children's meals.

    7. Eat a wall.

    8. Sneak into a stranger's house.

    9. Lick dead animals.

    10. Fall to the floor for no apparent reason.

    11. Sneeze into another person's mouth.

    12. Scare the shit out of a turkey...and then eat that shit.

    13. Trample your brother and break his foot.

    14. Poop in a Roomba's path.

    15. And finally, pee on someone while they sleep.