21 People Who Struck Gold When Thrift Store Shopping

    One person's trash is now your $8,000 ring.

    1. This super-fancy espresso maker:

    2. This iMac that was mistaken for an old computer monitor:

    3. This signed _Harry Potter _print:

    4. This green diamond ring that's worth a small fortune:

    5. This Kitchen Aid stand mixer that retails for over $250:

    6. This piggy bank that contained more than what it was worth:

    7. This dress that found its rightful owner:

    8. This adorably cool dinosaur tea set:

    9. These Louboutins that went for a tiny fraction of what they're worth:

    10. These enameled Le Creuset pots and pans that can often retail for over $200:

    11. This gorgeous mirror featuring art by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha:

    12. This pristine, vibrantly colored chair:

    13. This wool Ralph Lauren coat that is definitely worth more than $12:

    14. This gown that just screams luxury and elegance:

    15. This Loewe bag that found a new home:

    16. This ruby-and-diamond bracelet that is anything but fake:

    17. These three designer blazers: 

    18. These jade cups that are too beautiful to pass up:

    19. This massive Goosebumps collection:

    20. This knife that was nearly free:

    21. And finally, this shirt that's adorably threatening:

    H/T: r/ThriftStoreHauls.