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    30 Things That Took On A Double Meaning Thanks To Their Very, Very Bad Designs

    Getting feedback from your peers is a good thing, I promise.

    1. This toilet seat isn't covered in poop:

    2. These floors aren't also covered in feces:

    3. These leggings aren't covered in fur:

    4. This shirt isn't stained with coffee:

    5. This poison actually isn't protein powder:

    6. This billboard for a school doesn't actually allow horses:

    7. This yellow bath salt isn't a tub full of pee:

    8. This mother isn't actually decapitating her child:

    9. This ceiling isn't covered in hair:

    10. This pair of camo shorts aren't the result of a urinary accident:

    11. This chandelier isn't made with condoms:

    12. This hoodie isn't stained with grease:

    13. This masked family isn't about to eat you:

    14. The sign isn't actually telling you to follow someone home:

    15. This train table isn't dirty:

    16. This detergent isn't some delicious grape juice:

    17. This bread isn't actually moldy:

    18. These bath bombs are, in fact, not candy:

    19. This rug isn't covered in bugs:

    20. This mug isn't splattered with blood:

    21. This sink doesn't have dirt smeared all over it:

    22. This person isn't peeing on themself:

    23. This dog isn't taking a dump:

    24. These sauces aren't made for cleaning your car:

    25. This restaurant logo isn't a health inspector grade:

    26. This sign isn't encouraging you to lie, cheat, and steal:

    27. This rabbit isn't showing you hole:

    28. This mall sign doesn't feature a woman sitting on the toilet:

    29. This pillowcase isn't actually infested:

    30. And finally, this bike seat doesn't say "sex":

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign.