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    18 Procrastination Memes That'll Help You Avoid Your Responsibilities

    "I never procrastinate." – You, procrastinating

    1. On irony:

    chaosgoose / Via

    2. On exhaustion:

    knowwhatitmeme / Via

    3. On self-care:

    4. On your inner dialogue:

    bossbabedani / Via

    5. On getting by:

    anniezarzosa / Via

    6. On being multifaceted:

    uofcomedy / Via

    7. On distractions:

    finnreyis4real / Via

    8. On lying:

    biiitch_plz / Via

    9. On surprises:

    knowwhatitmeme / Via

    10. On this internal struggle:

    11. On regret:

    12. On actual free time:

    13. On anger:

    procrastinating_with_memes / Via Instagram: @procrastinating_with_memes

    14. On trying your best:

    15. On being sick of it all:

    16. On convincing yourself it's not your fault:

    When I waited until last minute to buy gifts and all the stores were closed

    17. On desperation:

    studentproblems / Via

    18. And finally, on watching it all burn to the ground:

    olsaintdick / Via

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