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18 Pop Diva Memes That Are Way, Way Too Real

Rihanna just gets it.

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1. For showing a potential bae just how low you can go:

2. For when you get home around 3 a.m. but still have responsibilities to attend to:

3. For when you can't help but be extremely awkward:

4. For avoiding the fact that there's more money in between your couch cushions then there is in your bank account:

5. For when you're feeling that food baby kick:

6. For when you're feeling extra ~dirty~ as soon as the sun sets:

7. For genuine advice on finding your one true love:

8. For when bae can't even read your mind:

9. For checking out that shirtless runner who's got the bod of a god:

10. For when that price tag ruins your entire shopping experience:

11. For when you're not about that PDA life:

12. For when you give absolutely no fucks:

13. For expressing just how thirsty you really are:

14. For recognizing when someone's morphed into a fuckboy:

15. For feeling like a criminal every time you want a midnight snack:

16. For when you've had enough for one day:

17. For when you're feeling your stomach rumble and can no longer avoid it:

18. And finally, for when doing someone a favor wasn't on your agenda: