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    17 Photos That Prove Nature Always Finds A Way

    We don't own plants, they own us.

    1. This plant that grew out of the concrete in the one spot that receives sunlight:

    u/Dibs_the_psychologis / Via

    2. This tiny baby that poked its head out of the car window slot:

    u/Grindcoretldr / Via

    3. These trees that outgrew their pots at an abandoned nursery:

    u/nickykeeng / Via

    4. This newborn that sprouted out of the tiniest patch of dirt on a rock:

    u/MikeSpader / Via

    5. This fallen tree's branches that grew into two new trees:

    u/leaderwho / Via

    6. This plant that just had a taste for McDonald's:

    u/barnesjam / Via

    7. This plant that grew without soil in a barrel of water:

    u/greg_tier7 / Via

    8. These plants who are on the joy ride of their life:

    u/el_capitan524 / Via

    9. This tree that sprouted straight through a street sign:

    10. This baby plant that grew right next to its parent:

    u/galet_oi / Via

    11. This little flower that grew out of some bricks on a porch:

    u/Dialatedanus / Via

    12. These clovers that made a broken bottle their home:

    u/SoManyShades / Via

    13. This stick that was being used to prop up other plants and then sprouted on its own:

    u/Idkloll / Via

    14. These shoe plants that are truly electrifying:

    u/Coffee-Spoons / Via

    15. This tomato plant that grew through concrete alongside the Hudson River:

    u/blurpbleepledeep / Via

    16. This plant that deserves to be freed from this floor light fixture:

    u/cvcj510 / Via

    17. And finally, this dying jade plant leaf that sprouted three new ones:

    u/cincymatt / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting

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