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    17 Plants That Were Near Death Until Someone Rescued Them

    Just like these plants, you, too, can make the comeback of a lifetime.

    1. This plant that escaped from office life:

    2. This bird of paradise plant that rejoiced when it met the sun again:

    3. This money tree that added a few more leaves to its repertoire:

    4. This plant that will soon take over the entire home:

    5. This aloe plant that found its color again:

    6. This plant that rose from the ashes:

    7. This pothos that no longer has to worry about being neglected:

    8. This Venus flytrap that's now ready for a big fly dinner:

    9. This echeveria that's reaching for the stars:

    10. This peace lily that quickly came back to life in just one week:

    11. This plant that needed a pep talk:

    12. This snake plant that found a friend in its forever home:

    13. This plant that was just a bit thirsty:

    14. This pothos that will never forget where it came from:

    15. This plant that is just showing off now:

    16. This plant that deserved better than some flimsy old box:

    17. And finally, this plant that shows that no matter what you're going through, you, too, can thrive one day:

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