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    19 Times Phyllis From "The Office" Proved She Was The True HBIC

    "Close your mouth sweetie you look like a trout."

    1. When she knew what her biggest asset was:

    2. When she got a *little* too into her 50 Shades of Grey audiobook:

    3. When she harbored a deep, dark secret:

    4. When she took the time to remember Nick's name:

    5. When she couldn't find an anti-gravity machine and settled:

    6. When she had enough rainy-day sayings for everyone in the office:

    7. When she really understood the premise of Glee:

    8. When she was open about her sex life with Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration:

    9. And when she was very open about her sex life again:

    10. When she revealed her dark side:

    11. When she supported the erotic cake industry:

    12. When she didn't play around with Pam:

    13. When she didn't stand for Karen's anti-Bob comments for one second:

    14. When she talked about her BFF, Stanley:

    15. When she accepted her Dundie, no matter what it said:

    16. When she told Michael she loves Stevie Wonder more than him:

    17. When she was straightforward about her priorities:

    18. When she knew exactly what her clients liked:

    19. And finally, when she threw the best damn party her coworkers had ever seen: