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18 Pictures That Are Way Too Real If You Have A Brother

"Your brother is so hot."

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1. When your friends felt the need to tell you how "hot" your brother is:

2. When your brother left the seat down and gave you a yellow surprise:

3. Or when they put it up and couldn't seem to remember to put it back down:

4. When they practiced their best fighting tactic on you:

5. When they didn't know their own strength:

6. When you finally licked your wounds and went after them:

7. When your possessions were always at risk:

8. When someone imagines a resemblance between the two of you:

9. When their monstrous appetite had no shame:

10. When they tortured bugs in order to torture you:

11. When someone put two and two together:

12. When one look was worth 1,000 words:

13. When your own possessions turned against you:

14. When you were desperate to watch your favorite show:

15. When he tested your limits:

16. When you got a text and knew exactly what it would say:

17. When there was such a double standard:

18. And when you were really good at pretending:

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