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21 Funny Photos I've Sent To My Work BFF That'll Also Make You Giggle Uncontrollably

We have no lives.

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1. Hi, we're Pablo and Lara and our friendship is based entirely on funny internet stuff, like this:

2. And this:

Yahoo! / Via

3. Some of 'em are dumb, sure, but why have an actual convo when you can talk through memes:

friendofbae / Via

4. Our DMs are plagued with relatable tweets like these:

5. Like, why wouldn't you pass this along?

gary_from_teen_mom / Via

6. We're still laughing months later:

7. Sometimes, we even learn new, important phrases:

8. I, Pablo, sent this one to Lara with a "":

9. And Lara sent me this one 'cause I think she hates me now:

instasteel / Via

10. But enough about us — we just hope you enjoy these as much as we did:

11. They're delightful:

12. They will make you feel things you've never felt before:

13. Our screenshots are now your screenshots:

14. Flood your photo roll with 'em:

_theblessedone / Via

15. Subtweet your Facebook friends:

_theblessedone / Via

16. Do whatever, we're not your parents:

17. Hahaha:

18. LMAO:

ijusthinkitsfunny / Via

19. *You looking at this post*

gary_from_teen_mom / Via

20. This is just a peek at what our friendship is like:

ijusthinkitsfunny / Via

21. Are you and your BFF the same way?

thedryginger / Via Instagram: @thedryginger

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