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    15 People Who Love Their Pets More Than They Love Anyone Else

    Is it possible to be jealous of a cat?

    1. This person who led their spouse on:

    2. These people who gave lil' Bean a new life:

    3. This dog-hating dad who secretly loves dogs:

    4. And this dad who showed his hate in a loving way:

    5. This person who built the ultimate patio:

    “we built a catio for our indoor cats... the dogs are pretty jealous”

    6. This person who built an entire train just for the stray dogs he rescued:

    7. This person who gave their cat the gift of a year-round Christmas:

    8. This person who made their chihuahua a nicer room than I'll ever have:

    9. This person who made their home accessible:

    The human built this bus lift for her older dog who has arthritis. How sweet! 💖

    10. This person who ensured their stray cats don't get too cold:

    11. This person who made a mat nicer than what you or I have on our dining tables:

    12. This person who altered a bike so their pups could join in on the ride:

    13. This person who gave their lizard the gift that keeps on giving:

    my lizard now has a matching hammock and cushion. he’s so spoiled. i’ve officially pampered a reptile

    14. This person who may not have invested much time, but did invest their heart:

    my mom built a pillow fort for our cat today

    15. And finally, this person who gave their kids the playground of their dreams: