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21 Perfectly Sassy Tinder Responses You Wish You Thought Of

Swiping right is only half the journey.

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1. This mathematical individual.

3. This person who likes to give people a taste of their own medicine.

4. This person who's got her eyes on the prize.

6. This sandwich artist who likes to eat fresh.

7. This eloquent conversationalist.

8. This person who's isn't here for your bullshit.


9. This Harry Potter fan.

11. This person who's out of this world.

12. This natural born leader.


13. This person who's looking to save you both time and trouble.

14. This person who prefers Mr. Benjamin.

15. This person who isn't very trusting.

16. This go-getter.


17. This expert in word manipulation.

18. This person who isn't impressed.

19. This person who's willing to take their pizza love to the next level.

20. This person who's scraping the bottom of the barrel.

21. And finally, this person who's too punny for their own good.