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19 People Who Wish Tattoos Came With Autocorrect

"No regerts."

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1. This person who's a real fighter.

2. This person who probably should have let her past make her decisions.

3. This Mississippi native.

4. This person who has at least one regret now.

5. This person who hopefully has as much strength after getting this done.

6. This ultimate Bon Jovi fan.

8. This man who's living on the edge.

9. This person who has an angle for a mom.

10. This successful person.

11. This person who's possibly a huge Melissa Joan-Hart fan.

12. This person who's very apologetic.

13. This person who's a real angel.

14. This person who must have had some real patience after seeing this.

15. This person who fears nothing.

16. This person who's probably being judged by God.

17. This person who's taken YOLO to the next level.

18. This person who reminds you to just keep smiling.

19. And finally, this person who actually caught their mistake.