14 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Need Of A Good Cry

    Let those happy tears flow freely.

    1. This mom who got to embrace her own parents after two decades without them:

    After 25 years of migrating to the US my mom finally gets to hug my grandparents again 💛 we couldn’t take her to them so we brought them to her.

    2. These two women who get to celebrate together:

    It’s my grams 95th birthday today & my parents surprised her by bringing home her best friend since they were babies. my heart 😭❤️

    3. These two sisters who moved past FaceTime:

    My mom and her sister were separated November 1990 before the Somali war. After a lifetime of phone card calls, text, video chatting and FaceTime calls today they reunited in person. I have never been so happy in my life. 💕🥰

    4. This grandpa who couldn't stand not being with his best friend:

    My 96 year old grandad coming home to his dog after 16 days in hospital! The love between them makes you weep! 😭😭 @age_uk

    5. This brother who used the sneak method:

    My dad hasn’t seen his brother in over 20 years. This is my dad surprising him at the airport.🥺❤️

    6. This couple who got to be together over the holidays:

    i told my boyfriend i wasn’t able to take leave for the holidays. and he was sad asf , but today i surprised him and this was his reaction. happy holidays.💙

    7. This family who got a welcome reunion:

    Today my dad and I surprised my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle with bringing their sister and family from Mexico that we haven't seen in 17 years 💘

    8. This son who didn't have to spend a sixth year without seeing his mom:

    REUNITED: Jacksonville State center Nobertas Giga hadn't seen his mother since he left Lithuania to pursue his dreams of playing basketball. Five years later, his coaches set up a surprise reunion for them. https://t.co/eOSZVToau9

    9. This mom who knew she was the perfect birthday present:

    Today is my birthday but I got an early birthday gift in the form of my mom. I hadn’t seen her in 5 years and my circle brought her up from Antigua for us to spend time together. I appreciate everyone of you❤️😢. Here’s how it went down...

    10. These two friends who've got a lot of catching up to do:

    My grandma and her best friend reunited today after over 35 years of not seeing each other :,))

    11. This mom who finally got to be with her son again:

    After almost 3 years of battling with immigration, my mom was finally allowed to come back to America. She arrived today and surprised my brother, who was 7 when she left, and this was his reaction.

    12. This person who had the best 10 days of their life:

    I havent seen my dad, my grandma or anyone else back in the PH for 10 years. I wanted to work as soon as i can to save up any little money iget to come home. It was the best 10 days of my life and even thought its short every second of those 10 days was the happiest ive ever been

    13. This wife who got a pleasant sorority reunion:

    I threw my wife a surprise 80s/90s mashup party for her "21st" birthday. Invited most of her beloved friends and family. The BIG surprise? I got her line sister that moved to Nigeria to come. Up until then, they haven't seen each other in years. This moment made my life.

    14. And finally, this son who made those few weeks off count:

    The fellas are getting a few weeks back home to give all their great Mom’s a big hug. Ibrahima decided to surprise his family in Senegal. It’s been over 3 yrs since he’s seen his family. Special moment!